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Our Purpose.
The Salina Kanvas Project

The Salina Kanvas Project is aimed at inspiring onlookers, sparking conversations and providing a catalyst for the further growth of our community through the commission of world-class murals and street art in downtown Salina, Kansas.




Mural at the Mill

The Salina Kanvas Project announces the commissioning of a large-scale mural on the Southern aspect of the HD Lee Flour Mill at 343 North Santa Fe in Salina, KS. The work will be completed by world-renowned Australian artist Guido Van Helten and is planned to be finished by summer of 2021.



The Yard

Home of Salina Baseball & Softball training and development located in downtown Salina. Mural completed by Sike Style Industries.



Tunnel of lights

This tucked away corridor on Santa Fe in downtown Salina is being illuminated with LED lighting and filled with colorful murals. Artist still in selection. Details soon to come.