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Mural at the Mill

The Salina Kanvas Project announces the commissioning of a large-scale mural on the Southern aspect of the HD Lee Flour Mill at 343 North Santa Fe in Salina, KS. The work will be completed by world-renowned Australian artist Guido Van Helten and is planned to be finished by summer of 2021.

“We are excited to have this work commissioned here in Salina”, commented Salina Kanvas Project Organizer Travis Young. “Guido is an extremely talented artist that will help us continue to transform Downtown Salina and celebrate the spirit of this community.”

Born in Canberra, Australia, and growing up in inner city Melbourne, Guido was influenced at a young age by traditional urban graffiti movements. After graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Printmaking at Southern Cross University, he began the development of his contemporary work now closely aligned with the movement of large-scale muralism across the world.

Guido’s work has developed out of a strong interest in travel, photography, architecture and learning about cultures. These interests and his ability to work on large-scale projects have spurred commissions across the world throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, the United States and Australia.

See examples of Guido's work at other sites below:

“Since 2013, my practice has evolved into an exploration of identity in connection with our urban environment inspired by an interest in architectural sociology” Van Helten explains, “Through this, I approach mural projects using photography and community engagement to uncover the human stories that are site-specific in nature and connections to place.”

In the coming months, Guido will spend time in the area to engage with the citizens and culture of the city in order to develop a design that reflects the spirit of Salina. “Salina is a great community, but we never had a ‘monument’ like this that attracts visitors to our city and is available for citizens to enjoy”, remarked Eric Montoy.

“As a member of the Salina Kanvas Project, our hope is to have this work be a catalyst for future world-class murals and street art in the downtown area.” “We want Salina to be a destination versus a spot to fill up with gas along the interstate”, added Young. “This will help bolster business opportunities and support the amazing institutions we already have here in Salina.”

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